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Wheatfield Nursery is dedicated to supplying landscape contractors with a wide variety of high quality plant material. Wholesale pricing is available.  Contact us or download our inventory to view our complete selection!


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If you are new to our nursery, please bring these items with you on your first visit:    

    Sales Tax Number

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Contractor's License


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   Nusery Dealer Certificate


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Note:  We do NOT do landscape designs for other landscape contracting companies or their clients. However, contractors are welcome to make arrangements to meet their clients at our nursery to look at plants. Our sales staff is available to direct you to plants you may not be able to find so you can concentrate on selling your design to your client, but otherwise you and your clients can utilize our facility on your own.  Please do NOT send your client to us to pick out plants you will be paying for without being with them.  This situation can create a great deal of confusion as now your customer is dealing with more than one person. Thank you!
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